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Why Do Teeth Stain?

This is the place to be if you’re worried about stains on your teeth. Here we will discuss why teeth stain, what you can do to prevent it and how the experienced team at Bald Hills Dental can help.

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Do Dummies Damage Children’s Teeth?

Concerned using a dummy frequently might be affecting your child’s oral health? In this article, we’ll discuss whether using a dummy on a regular basis will damage your child’s teeth...

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What Causes TMJ Pain?

Struggling to manage TMJ pain and searching for a treatment that actually works? In this article we’ll discuss the common causes of TMJ pain, what you can do to manage or...

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Signs You Have a Cavity

Having problems with your teeth? You may have a cavity. In this article we discuss the signs you have a cavity, what happens if cavities go untreated and how the experts at Bald Hills Dental can help...

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How to Prepare for the Dentist

Booked your dental check-up and want to be prepared? This is the place for you. In this article, we’ll discuss the key things you should do to prepare for a visit to the dentist - from tips to reducing...

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What is Dry Mouth?

Heard the term “dry mouth” but don’t know what it is? This is the place for you. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what dry mouth is, the symptoms and causes of it, whether it’s manageable or...

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Benefits of Going to the Dentist

We all know we should go to the dentist on a regular basis, but do you know why? In this article we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of going to a professional dentist for your oral hygiene needs...

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How Often Should You Go To the Dentist?

We all know how important oral hygiene is, but just how often should you go to the dentist? In this article, we’ll focus on just how often you should go to the dentist, how to take care of your teeth and how the team...

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